BioDetectors Pty Ltd ("BioDetectors") was established in 2007 as an internationally focused organisation, with the rights to two diagnostics-based technologies. BioDetectors is currently expanding, developing and commercialising its product portfolio, to build a fully resourced operational company to service the global diagnostics market.  

BioDetectors will be the market leader for rapid, specific and deployable diagnostics. This market is rapidly expanding as community demands for healthcare grow. Selective detection on platforms that are able to deliver on this will have a clear advantage in the market.   The application of nanotechnology solutions to diagnostics, which include either nanoparticle or planar platforms, offers a significant cost-effective opportunity to develop products for the diagnosis of both pathogenic and genetic diseases.

Key objectives are:

  • to exploit and commercialise the company's proprietary devices
  • to develop and evolve new diagnostic platforms

When achieved, these objectives will have significant effects on the healthcare system by improving diagnostic capability efficiencies and changing clinical practice.

BioDetectors potential has been recognised, with a private investment group offering $30million for a 50% stake in the Company, contingent upon BioDetectors achieving certain operational objectives.

BioDetectors successful in grants from NSW and VIC Governments


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