In order to develop a GLOBAL organisation to provide diagnostics systems for public health, BioDetectors is focusing on two key products in specific markets and is developing an operational organisation intent on delivering its products through a fully supported supply chain. BioDetectors is developing its capabilities in R&D, regulatory requirements, general operations, distribution and sales & marketing.

To rapidly generate turnover, BioDetectors is planning to supply its first key product MultiView -  for patients who are seriously ill and typically undertake a second medical visit. This MultiView test will multiplex for Influenza, H1N1 and other relevant infectious diseases in a rapid, simple and inexpensive format.

Our second product BioSpec - will provide a shift to a higher level of immediate incident treatment by such services as ambulances and the SES, with a focus on determining drug, poison and toxin levels in patient samples. BioSpec will increase survivability and recovery, while reducing costs by providing a high level of accurate data to medical staff at the scene. Medical staff will be able to determine not only which drugs are present, but also if there is a mixture of dangerous substances present in the patient sample, at the scene A World First!


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