BioDetectors has an Experienced and Passionate Management Team and Board

Dr Bob Irving, CEO
Bob has more than 25 years experience in diagnostics and therapeutics development, science, universities, business, management and commercialisation in Australia, Canada and the UK. He has led programs withiin CSIRO, Diagnostics CRC and biotech companies worldwide and has been instrumental in the establishment and launch of start-up companies such as Evogenix.  Most recently, Bob has held the position of Chief Operating Officer at NanoVentures Australia Ltd and Commercial Director of Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd, which involved the development of project portfolios, particularly in BioNanotechnology, and the commercialisation of new nanotechnology solutions. Bob has a PhD through the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London UK with a research topic on prostate cancer. Bob has been seconded from Quintain Consulting into the management team of BioDetectors.

Dr Jeanette Pritchard, Director Business Development and Commercialisation
Jeanette has over 12 years experience working in medical and environmental device development, over 8 of which have been within the biotechnology industry in both the UK and Australia.  Jeanette has extensive experience in project management, business development and commercialisation of diagnostic devices, with a focus on rapid, point-of-care detection of human and animal diseases in addition to detection systems for use in the water industry. Jeanette was instrumental in establishing a company focused on the development of nano-based contrast agents for medical imaging (Quintain NanoSystems) from NanoVentures Australia Ltd in 2009. Jeanette completed her PhD in Clinical Biochemistry in addition to a Masters degree in Chemistry, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). BioDetectors has seconded Jeanette into its management team from Quintain Consulting.

Mr William Horton, Chairman

William has performed senior management roles in a variety of corporations. He has significant experience in corporate strategy, commercialisation of R&D and the management of projects, relationships, operations and systems with companies such as Ciba-Geigy, 3M, Pfizer and Siemens as well as the Department of Defence.
William has successfully restructured companies, started up several more and shepherded company development by managing both business and technical considerations in a globally focused context.   Williamís biotech experience includes Curotech, Cerner, and Unitract/Unilife. William holds a Honours Degree in Science in addition to a Masters of Management.

Mr Bill Millard, Eminent Director (CPA, ACIS, AAIM)
Bill was Managing Director of British Medical Laboratories (BML) for 10 years, focused on Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Marketing. As MD for BML, Bill also founded and was MD of Cenovis Health.  Bill formed a company to commercialise the use of DNA Equine probes to identify racehorses, in addition to forming the first Australian biotechnology company - Biotech Australia - with Dr. David McLennan from Sydney University. Biotech Australia used single cell fermentation technology of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to convert waste starches (whey; low grade wheats etc) to high value protein.   Bill acquired rights to the "Angiogenic factor" to form Biota holdings and also formed North Shore Laboratories with Dr.Roger Vanderfield (OBE CEO RNSH) which was a developer of allergy remediation technologies.


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